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Vacuum pumps 

The Power unit produces vacuum into the stainless steel 500 l or 250 l tank, outlet valve (inside tank) will close and inlet valve (also inside tank) will open. Fish and water will come into the tank through a 6" plastic hose. When the tank is full (detected by sensor) the power unit will change to pressure and close inlet valve and open outlet valve, fish is pushed out by pressure to water separator for separating fish and water. When empty it will be detected by a sensor and it will start over again automatically.

Major features:

  • No damage to the fish
  • Same quality of fish from net to land
  • The fish is kept in water all time, only in contact with water
  • Saving man power on vessel
  • Easy to control/run (start/stop and pause - 3 buttons)
  • Finger touch display
  • Can be used for both emptying net and fish hold tanks on vessel
  • Automatic run of pump
  • Pump can be controlled by radio remote control
  • 9,5 m suction height and 15 m discharge height






Vacuum pump 1

Vacuum pump 2

Vacuum pump 3

Vacuum pump 4

Download brouchure VS 250-7


Download layout VS 250-7
Download brouchure VS 500-11
Download layout VS 500-11

Euskan VS-500 video